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E.Wells Realty & Consultancy is a real estate brokerage and agency registered under the laws of Ghana with seasoned experience in Ghana’s real estate industry.

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All information, estimated timelines, completion dates, projected investment returns, and projections provided by us regarding any real estate development are for general informational purposes only and exclusively based on disclosures made by developers to us as of the date of publishing the information. We do not guarantee, represent, or warrant such information to be accurate, complete, valid, or feasible.

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Although we undertake our preliminary due diligence before publishing any information on a project, the findings from our due diligence are for our exclusive use and internal purposes only.



Independent Verification 

Potential buyers should independently verify all information and consult with financial, legal, technical, and tax advisors before making any decisions. Please note that there may be future events that may affect the project after the date of publishing this information. So, we strongly recommend that independent due diligence should always be conducted at the time of purchase.


We are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on the information we provide.

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Kindly contact us at 030 824 4571 with any further questions or for assistance you may require.


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