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East Legon, Accra, Ghana.


Our array of services include Sales, Rentals, Short Stays, Joint Ventures, Land Acquisition, Consultancy and Training.


Property Sellers

We ensure that we explore all marketing avenues so potential buyers are able to view and acquire property.

Property Buyers

We ensure that we find the right property, at the right location for the best price, so you are able to obtain value for your money.



We have a wide selection of houses, apartments (furnished and unfurnished), penthouses and semidetached houses available for both long and short term rentals.

Property Owner

In the event that a tenant is needed to occupy a property, we would strategically market your property in order to access potential tenants within a short turnaround time.


We offer commercial buildings, office space, shops and warehouses as part of our commercial inventory. Commercial buildings are located in high traffic areas which will be ideal for marketing and brand recognition for any company. Our Office Space and Shops have street presence which enhances customer visibility.


We assist you in selecting the right investor for your project financing needs. We are committed to working with land owners to realize the potential of their property. We help connect individuals with the right investor in order maximize the value of their land in a joint venture negotiation.


Our diverse experience and broad exposure to business sectors and markets means that we can deliver valuable perspectives to help with strategy development and setting and achieving goals. We will work with your team to evaluate new deals and/or act as a sounding board for decisions. We provide trusted market research and analysis for real estate/property decisions. Our team helps our clients identify the best investment opportunities in the real estate/property market.


We provide performance based training for Career professionals. Our sessions are results driven and include sales, real estate, negotiation, marketing, customer care and over all customer satisfaction training.

Training sessions are customized to meet the needs of any business entity.


Quality control unit

We provide quality control personnel who monitor real time phone call interactions with employees and clients. All outbound/inbound calls are monitored and assessed to ensure the highest level of customer service/satisfaction is provided to the client. This prevents customer turnover, brand misrepresentation and hence secures customer retention.


We provide nightly, weekly and monthly stays ideal for business travel, weekly getaways, private visits and emergency visits.